WHY SHOULD YOU WORK WITH ME? It’s a logical question.

Jennifer Korfiatis

Jennifer Korfiatis

  • BA in Advertising

  • MBA with a specialization in Marketing

  • Open water swimmer

  • Wannabe runner

  • Yoga newbie

  • Proud mom

  • Doting wife

  • Voted Wenatchee’s Best Dancer (no joke!)

  • Dog lover

  • Closeted comedienne

And the answer is simple: Because I'm talented, I'm experienced, and I can back it up with a stellar portfolio, glowing references, and a hand-selected team of experts. You expect results, and I've been delivering results for 20 years.

When we work together, I will produce marketing, communications, and public relations strategies and tactics grounded in research and proven methodologies, copy crafted to push strategy, and bring with me a team of some of the most talented social media masterminds, graphic designers, and web architects you'll meet. We each have our area of specialization, and we bring our talents and experience to your organization with the sole focus of delivering the results you need.
Let’s be honest: Does it get any better than that?

Want more detail? I have an MBA with a specialization in Marketing. I’ve just earned a Certificate in Entrepreneurship from Harvard Business School. For the past 20 years, I've worked with clients ranging from the State of Washington, to a large Seattle-based medical conglomerate, to regional non-profits, to the local salon around the corner. I teach marketing, communications, and business courses at the community college level. 
No guessing; I'm proven.

Quite simply I do what I promise, my follow-through is impeccable, and my portfolio is second-to-none.
Alright, but what else? Let's see... I take boxing lessons (you've been warned). I compete in long distance, open-water swimming races. I can't cook. I've been told I'm an all-around cool chick.
Let’s do this.