Well done.

I'm impressed.

Wenatchee Valley College is reinstating its DECA program, which is a student club for business, marketing and entrepreneurship. I am the Advisor.

The first meeting was one month ago and since that time, there has been a great deal of interest in propelling the effort forward. Two weeks ago, it became clear that this loosely-organized group of students had no less than 8 days to generate a Constitution, bylaws, a slate of Officers, membership recognition paperwork and an official budget request that included a list of viable projects they would undertake if funded. I had my doubts.

I told them that I would guide them, and answer any questions that they may have, but I wasn't going to do the work for them. I assumed we would end up regrouping and hoping to be ready for the 2011-2012 school year.

But, to my amazement, they did it. Not only did they organize and pull it all together, but they did it well. I know private-industry professionals that wouldn't have been as efficient.

Stay tuned. This is a good group, and I'll update you on their progress. I'm totally convinced that this is a group of true future leaders.

Jennifer Korfiatis