If you do one thing for your business in 2012...

I handle the public relations and marketing efforts for a number of clients, and have one recommendation for businesses in 2012:


It is my suggestion that each business update staff head shots in 2012 and here's why: When something newsworthy happens within your organization and you have the good fortune to land some media attention, publications, websites, etc will request current head shots- without fail. In my experience, most of the time when I begin to work with a new business they either don't have head shots on file, or if they do, they aren't current. And, when members of the media want photos, they want them NOW- darn deadlines!


Head shots are not expensive or time consuming, but they are an important detail. It is my recommendation that each business keep a file with current head shots of all team members, remembering to schedule new hires with the photographer, and some general shots of the business. Doing this, I have found, will greatly enhance publicity efforts.


Jennifer Korfiatis