Here goes nothin'...

This is the first official post detailing my (ridiculous) Dancing With the Wenatchee Stars experience. Hooray!

I'm headed out for the first of 5 1-hour practices where I, along with 5 fellow dancing newbies, will learn a dance that we will perform on stage in front of 500 people on Friday evening. Which Friday, you ask? THIS Friday. As in, 5 days from now.

I am spray-tanned, my planking stamina is through the roof, and I'm scared as hell. So here goes nothing.

Stay tuned. I'll give you the juicy play-by-play action here on this blog. I've decided to do this for a few reasons... First, we had dinner with some wonderful friends last night and they really encouraged me to get back to blogging, which for me, is my primary creative outlet. And second, I hope that it will sway those 500 people in the audience to vote for me. I'm not proud.

Here we go!

Jennifer Korfiatis