Tragically Unhip.

This post is a bit late, but you know what they say...

I recently took my son to see the Imagine Dragons concert at Key Arena. Amazing. Epic. And we both spent months looking forward to the show.

For those who don't know me, I LOVE live music. And while I really do enjoy it all, what I really love are epic rock shows in sold-out stadiums that include at least one power ballad and leave me without a face. Because I've rocked it off.

I'll admit I've lost count, but if I were a betting woman, which I am, I would say it's a safe bet to say I've been to at least 70 concerts in my time on this planet. And, I've seen it all. From Michael Bolton (because my boyfriend in college REALLY wanted to go- hello, red flag!) to AC/DC and everything in between.

Imagine Dragons is my new favorite band, and I would put this particular show in my top five of all time. They are, in my book, keeping company with Prince, No Doubt, Aerosmith, and my beloved Maroon 5. These guys are the real deal.

And what made this show extra special was the fact that I was with my son. I've taken him to other concerts, but we were really truly both looking forward to this show. My brother joined us, making it a great time all around.

Key Arena was sold out. And when we arrived, I quickly realized how far I've come in my concert-going career. First, I was the only person there wearing a parka and sensible shoes. Which clearly makes me the smartest because the floors are concrete and it's nearly impossible to keep a venue that large warm. Advantage me.

Second, during the token power ballad everyone pulled out their phones and somehow made a magic light appear. No more lighters waving in time with the beat. Now we use phones. I knew this, of course, but have no idea how to make the light on my phone appear, or even where to find it. I wasted the rocking that was reserved for the power ballad looking for the light. Advantage phone.

Third, I had naturally arrived at the concert a well-informed Imagine Dragons fan. I had done my research. I knew the back-story and "may" have considered joining their Fan Club. I know their rise to fame has been fast, but well-deserved. At one point the lead singer stopped the show, and explained that the last time they played Seattle was just three short years ago, and for that show they played a "dive bar" with less than 100 people there. On that night, Key Arena was packed. It was a bit emotional for him, and therefore everyone sharing the moment with the band. Amazing. But my thoughts drifted to wondering if they were staying on top of their nutrition. All that sudden travel and the new demands on their time and energy required that they stay in top shape and keep themselves healthy. Were they taking their vitamins? Were they drinking enough water? Touring must be exhausting, especially when you're not used to it. Were they getting enough sleep? Advantage Lame-ville.

And, with the sudden rise to fame, were they taking care of their families? Were they home for dinner? Were they showing their spouses and significant others that they were the priority? Were they calling their mothers?

And so I had somehow transformed from the girl who "rocked" the skin-tight dress and make-the-magic- happen heels to the woman who worried whether or not the band was eating a balanced diet. I'm not sure when it happened, but I realized that I had become tragically unhip.

And after the concert, my faceless son and I hopped back in the car and headed over two mountain passes in February so that I could attend an 8:30am Board meeting, officially leaving no trace of the girl who looked for any opportunity to crowd surf.


Jennifer Korfiatis