Stalk On.

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to up my media monitoring game, and as of last week, I'm pleased to say that I am now a stalker for hire.

I have spent the last 4 months courting several media monitoring services, and have finally landed on "the one." I am certain we're gonig to have a very long and happy relationship.

So, here's how this works- if your business ends up in print, online, or in the broadcast media, I will know. And, if someone posts about your business in social media, I will know. If someone mentions you in a blog, you guessed it, I will know. It doesn't matter if it's an obscure online blog in the tiniest of towns, or a major trade publication, I will know. I am drunk with information.

Case in point: last month I had a client host a large fundraising event. We did all the media work you'd expect to promote the event, and as I tracked the publication rate, I knew of 9 sources who had publicized the event and effort. I felt pretty good about that. Then I plugged the criteria into my new media monitoring program, and it wasn't 9 sources who had picked it up, it was 84. And they were all over the country. I felt REALLY good about that.

So yes, it's a bit stalker-ish. And I truly do feel like the proverbial fly on the wall. But here's the deal: the businesses I work with need to- and want to- know what is being said about them. Unless you know what is being printed, said, or posted about your business, your PR strategy (assuming you have one) may not be hitting the mark.

And- this is where I get really excited- I can now compile everything that's been printed, said, or posted about your business in the past day, week, month, or quarter into a super-slick report with all kinds of uber-technical charts and graphs. And I do love a good report.

Interested in hiring a professional stalker? I'm ready-

Jennifer Korfiatis