The First 30 Minutes of My Day.

The first 30 minutes of my day- every day- are spent relearning all the various social media platforms. As someone who manages social media for several different organizations and businesses, it’s my job to know how it all works; where the buttons are, how to find things, and how to make it work efficiently for my clients. I manage these platforms several times a day, seven days a week. And it seems like every night the algorithm geniuses change something. It’s wildly frustrating.

I’m certain that these changes are considered upgrades and improvements, but man can it be frustrating! Imagine knowing how to do you job, and having to relearn it every morning.

And so, the first 30 minutes of my day are spent playing a game I like to call “What’s Different Today.” In my mind, sitting in the headquarters of Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc is a group of developers rubbing their hands together with satisfaction and cackling maniacally as they move things around. I’m certain that this isn’t what’s really happening, but it can feel that way.

Most of the time I can crack the code, but not always. Luckily, I’m smart enough to surround myself with like-minded mystery solvers to help. That’s my own version of an upgrade.

Jennifer Korfiatis