I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jennifer since contracting with her to lead our marketing efforts in late 2014. During this time, I’ve come to learn that she is one of the most creative, intelligent, and kind people I’ve ever worked with. I believe these traits, coupled with her ability to translate our objectives into thoughtful marketing strategies, makes Jennifer Korfiatis one of the premier marketing firms in North Central Washington. Jennifer brings the highest level of integrity and honesty to her work and I know she genuinely cares for our success. Her presence in our organization elevates everything we do.
— Rebecca Ryker, General Manager, Icicle Creek Center for the Arts
You will have enormous difficulty finding anyone who will work harder for you than Jennifer Korfiatis. Her level of dedication and professionalism is second to none. I partner with her because I know I’m getting the best: a true professional who understands marketing and communications. Jennifer takes the lead, and with very little direction and hand-holding, is able to produce amazing content while meeting the deadline.
— Andrew Canning, Director of Marketing & Communications, Confluence Health
Well written words are hard to come by. Jennifer has been our ace-in-the-hole to help bring clarity and vision to our productions. Her scripts have assisted our stories in engaging and inspiring ways, often times, bringing people to tears.
— - Charley Voorhis, Owner, Voortex Productions
We have utilized Jennifer’s services for our companies’ needs on multiple occasions and on multiple levels. From marketing campaign, to market analysis, to local/regional/national market assessment and planning – Jennifer continues to be a strategic asset to our group of companies. In areas as diverse as emerging technologies, skilled services, and networking – Jennifer, her marketing expertise and services, are a key component to our success. We recommend her services without reservation and consider her firm a worthwhile investment with a high ROI.
— Malachi Salcido, CEO, Salcido Enterprises
I have had a number of occasions to work with Jennifer Korfiatis in a professional capacity. She has shown an extraordinary ability to work in teams effectively with a wide range of individuals. She has managed not only to establish a record of accomplishment, but also to win the respect of her colleagues. She does this as a result of a personality that combines wit and sincerity with a strong sense of purpose. She is passionate about what she does and works incredible hours to complete productive and meaningful projects and assignments.
— Maury Forman, PhD Managing Director, Education and Outreach State of Washington International Trade and Economic Development
Jennifer is creating so much visibility for the Justice and Soul Foundation, it is amazing. She created national spotlight for Lisa Power Salon with Allure picking Lisa Power Salon as a top salon in the nation five times in four years. She is working with a handful of other salons as well, with great results!
— Sydney Berry, Owner, Salon Services
Jennifer is a powerful asset for any company or organization. Her knowledge and powerful insights are born from years of experience in the marketing field. She is driven and determined to get the best for her clients and they succeed because of it. Her ultra-nice demeanor brings it all together in a person you can trust to handle your marketing anytime, anywhere.
— Brad Fitzgerald, Owner, Apt Design
Jennifer definitely takes a very important job off of my plate and does it much better than I can do. It’s nice that I can just pass a project off to her and be 100% comfortable that it will get done perfectly. I highly recommend working with Jennifer. She is the best!
— Lisa Power, Owner, Lisa Power Salon
I have worked with Jennifer on a research and marketing project for our organization. She has demonstrated her ability to approach the project objectively, develop creative ways to meet goals, and effectively communicate. I feel confident that any organization will greatly benefit from the marketing skills and experience that Jennifer has.
— Eric West, Marketing Coordinator, Link Transit
One of Jennifer’s most outstanding qualities is her ability to bring energy to a project and to get the job done at a high level. She does this efficiently and, in all my experience with her, ahead of schedule. I’ve recently had the opportunity to work with her on several projects for mutual clients and Jennifer was fantastic to work with in this capacity. She is focused and always meets deadlines. Her writing is top notch, and I often take advantage of her editing skills for my professional work. She has such a broad range of skills that she is an asset to any project. I would recommend Jennifer without hesitation for any project. Her skill set is extensive and her ability to see a project through to completion is unrivaled.
— Amy Lewis, Owner, AML Consulting, LLC

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