Like the Hunger Games, but with less killing and more dancing.

Tonight is THEnight. Show time. The big enchilada. Where the rubber meets the road.

And at the end of the night, only one of us will stand victorious clutching the coveted mirror ball trophy. Though, in my book (cue cliche), we've already each won. We've pushed our limits and we're going to do something that did not come naturally to any of us. We have been thrown into this thing (Note: we each agreed) to compete in uncharted territory. Sort of like the Hunger Games.

It's been fun to share this experience with each of you. I decided to blog about this wild and crazy experience for a few reasons. First, I was being asked so many questions from so many different people about this, that I thought this blog might be the best way to keep everyone who might be interested posted as to how it was going. Second, I have a sneaking suspicion that the PAC may host this show again at some point, and if you're asked to do it, I hope you'll consider saying "YES!" Though jumping around in your living room like I did is not necessary. Third, I didn't want to "spam" everyone on Facebook with the updates. So, I thought that by directing readers to this blog, you could choose to read it- or not. No harm done either way. And to the hundreds (mind=blown!) who have opted to share this journey with me, I am humbled by your interest.

This will likely be my last post before tonight because I've been told that the PAC essentially owns our souls today and it sounds like we won't have a lot of idle time.

So, THANK YOU for choosing to share this journey with me. I have had so much encouragement throught this- from friends, family members, colleagues and total strangers.

I do want to thank my incredible husband and son, who have both indirectly learned the salsa with me because I've forced them to practice with me each day. They've been so incredibly patient throughout this, and have carried the ball for me in a million different ways this week. I love you both so much!

I would also like to take a moment to apologize in advance to my father and brother, who will be seated in the front row to witness this spectacle. I'm not sure that either of them needs to see the amount of booty shaking that is about to happen. You've all been warned.

Jennifer Korfiatis