Haters gonna hate.

While we’re wrapping up rehearsals and getting ready to take the stage, I’d like to really ask everyone to be kind to each of us.

You see, when asked to do this, 6 of your friends and neighbors agreed to get on stage, perform a dance they first learned just five days earlier, wearing a costume that is not their own. It’s not easy. And remember, the six of us are amateurs. I’ve learned we each have different ways of coping and sharing this experience; some of us blog, some of us practice like crazy, and some of us have had sleepless nights.

We haven’t been perfect, and we won’t be perfect on Friday. But, we’re putting ourselves out there in a very public way. And perhaps the most fun we've had with this crazy experience has been sharing it with our friends, families, and colleagues. It's been a riot!

It’s easy to be critical from the safety of your home or office, or from the comfort of your seat at the PAC. But there has been nothing about this that has been easy for the 6 of us, though we’re willing to push our own envelopes for your entertainment, and to raise money for a wonderful community asset- the PAC.

But if you’re reading this, and you’re one of the haters, imagine how you would feel if you were in our dancing shoes. Because you never know, this could become an annual show.

We’ll see you Friday.

Jennifer Korfiatis