Gold and sequins and fringe. Oh my!

So far, rehearsals for DWTS are going well. And my benchmark for success is the simple fact that I have not been driven to tears (yet) and my patient partner Alex has not quit (yet). So far, so good!

Yesterday during rehearsal I had the opportunity to watch the other couples practicing and man, it was so fun to see the progress! We all started as newbies, and three short days later we are almost passable as dancers. Amazing!

But yesterday was exciting for another reason. Yesterday was costume day. Which, as most women would agree, is a very big day.

We don't have much say in what we're given to wear. The Utah Ballroom Dance Company arrived with two suitcases full of outfits- for the women, a handful of dresses in various sizes, and for the men, a selection of adorned shirts. I was handed a tight gold dress covered in sequins and fringe that is short enough to potentially make my husband uncomfortable. Of course.

Growing up a swimmer, I'm able to attribute many positive things to the sport, and a solid lack of modesty is one of them. Typically, a total disregard for modesty is not an asset, but it appears it will be on Friday.

Jennifer Korfiatis