The First Crisis of 2014

Late last week, I ventured in to new territory and got a spray tan. I did this because I wisely realized that dancing on stage in front of 500 people in Wenatchee during January without one would be the mistake of this generation. Really, it would be that big.

I can't really say I "liked" it, but I liked the results. I didn't care for the longest 8 hours of my life- the period between the spray tan and when you can shower, but I powered through. And for those who know me, that is a very big deal.

But my tan is starting to come off. It is flaking off and leaving the blotchy evidence outing me as a "faker." This, it seems, was unforeseen.

I have not been in the pool since the tan, as I assumed that swimming around in bleach water with a spray tan would be counter-productive. I say this only to demonstrate my level of commitment to the tan. So, I'm going to do it again and hope for the best, and again wait out the longest 8 hours of the year. For those who will be witness to the madness on Friday, you are welcome.

Jennifer Korfiatis