This week I had the privilege of volunteering at a career fair. I was asked to speak to the 2000+ high school students about the ins and outs of owning your own business. I chose to focus on the "ins."

I was asked to participate as a favor to a colleague, but quickly realized that this was just as much of an opportunity for me. In my world- the crazy world of marketing, that is- just about every client I have worked with wants to reach this younger demographic, but has no idea how to do that.

Things have changed considerably in the past few years in terms of marketing to this group, and they're likely changing again as I write this. So, when students approached and interviewed me, I took the opportunity to also interview them. Here's what they said:

1. We will only listen to you when we feel like listening to you.

2. Whatever it is you're saying to us, it had better be good. And it had better be worth our time, or we'll tune you out before you even get started.

3. We use social networks that you don't yet fully understand. And we use them because you don't yet fully understand them. As soon as you figure them out, we're gone. Like zephyrs.

4. Facebook is for "old people."

This was not new information, but a great reminder. And so I would like to thank all of the teenagers in America for job security. Because if it were easy to reach this group, which, by the way, has one of the highest rates of discretionary income, I might be out of a job.

Hooray for zephyrs.

Jennifer Korfiatis