An Open Letter To All Media Reps

Dear Media Reps,

Man, you have a tough job. I know, because I've walked in your shoes. Today's media world is so incredibly fragmented, and you're all clamoring for business. You, my friends, are the ultimate "hustlers." And I mean "hustlers" in a very loving, respectful way. Because you work your tails off and deal with hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly deadlines. Just thinking about what you do makes me tired.

But here's the thing: As someone who purchases a fair amount of advertising, what I need from you are answers to my questions. I need the answers because I'm trying to make valid, strategic marketing and advertising decisions, and I cannot include you in those decisions if you don't give me the information that I need.

So, when I ask about market share, circulation, web traffic, ANYTHING, please give me the answers to my questions. The truth is simple: I'm trying to include you. But I can't include your station/publication/website/blog/billboard/whatever if I don't have that information. I cannot, in good faith, make decisions based on things like your center spread now being in color. Or the limited number of commercial breaks you're now taking. Or your revamped website. I love all of that as much as the next person, but when it comes to the "who's in and who's out" decision, it doesn't pass the test.

So, on behalf of all of those sitting across the desk from you, I implore you: answer our questions. Please. Be truthful and prompt in your responses. Because we're working on deadlines, too.



Jennifer Korfiatis