Blessed. (Alternate blog title: No A%$holes.)

It's Thanksgiving, and naturally this is a time to reflect. While I could wax poetic about my happy and healthy family and tribe, I'm going to use this blog to shine a big ol' spotlight on my professional blessings.

Being self employed is no easy haul. The future is uncertain and I find myself holding down the fort as CEO, receptionist, janitor and everything in between. I work very long, wacky hours, and my days typically start at 5am. For those of you who receive emails from me that early, it's because I feel comfortable enough that you won't label me as crazy. For the rest of you, it's just a matter of time because the truth is, the emails I send you in the morning are actually written at 5am. I just wait until a more reasonable time to send them as we build our mutual comfort level. We'll get there.

But here's the deal: I wouldn't have it any other way. Because the truth is that my career, and the clients  and partners that I am blessed enough to work with, challenge me daily. They force me to stretch, learn, think, roll up my sleeves, and think creatively. And for that, I am incredibly grateful.

I'm also "seasoned" enough in my career that I am able to live by what I call the "No Asshole" rule. I consider myself immensely blessed to have hte priveledge of being selective with my client load, collaborators, and projects. At some point, I realized that life's too short to work with jerks, and I created my strict "No Asshole" policy. As CEO, I get to make that rule, and if you're (in my opinion) a jerk, I give myself the freedom to politely decline and walk away. That, I have come to believe, is a rare luxury.

THANK YOU to everyone who has thought enough of my gray matter to want to bounce ideas, collaborate, and hire me this year. I am incredibly grateful for your presence in my life and each day is infinitely more interesting with you in it. And, I'm pleased to announce, I don't think you're an asshole.

Jennifer Korfiatis