Hiring time!

If you were a Sex And The City fan, you likely recall season 5 when Carrie hired Louise from St. Louis as an assistant. Louise came on the scene to help Carrie with day-to-day efforts like fielding calls, returning emails, running errands, and generally holding down the fort. I'm looking for a Louise.

This is an exciting time. I used to own a marketing agency that employed a number of people, and when I sold it in 2006, I vowed never to take on employees again. But, my business has grown to the point that I need the help and I'm faced with the decision to either hold the line at my current level of productivity, or hire someone to help my business grow. I am far too Type A to hold the line. Ever.

So, I'm hiring. But not in the way you'd expect.

I collaborate with the crew at Voortex Productions on occasion, and recently owner Charley Voorhis and I were lamenting our need to grow, but sharing a mutual fear of not knowing how quickly to grow. We both need help, but neither believes we need full-time help. As luck would have it, we both need the same skill set, and so we're joining forces to share Louise.

Here's how it will work:

The Project Coordinator job description has been refined and can be seen here: http://www.voortexproductions.com/career/

The successful candidate will ultimately be an employee of Voortex Productions as Charley and his crew estimate that they need 20 hours/week of support. I will contract with Voortex to "buy" 10 hours/week of the Project Coordinator's time, and during those hours each week the Project Coordinator will work with me. That way, both companies get the support we need, while sharing the risk and expense. It's genius.

So, if you're smart, creative, detail-oriented, a rock-star juggler of multiple simultaneous tasks, and have a sense of humor, we'd love to hear from you. And your name doesn't even have to be Louise.

Jennifer Korfiatis