Sometimes I cry.

I have a very strict "no crying at work" policy. In fact, I have a few friends who call me from various bathroom stalls when they want to cry at work and I unleash some tough love. As a psychology minor, I have analyzed the various reasons for my policy, and let's just say that whether you agree with it or not, it works for me.

So, imagine my surprise when a project landed in my lap that caused me to cry. And I couldn't stop.

I have had the incredible privilege of sharing the infinite good work of Alatheia Riding Center with the masses. I have written their two most recent video scripts, starting with "Frid" and most recently "Her Name is Grace." From the first concept meeting, I had goose bumps over the "Grace" script. I knew it would be special.

I understood intuitively that I had to tell Grace's story in a very personal and profound way, while illustrating the impact that Alatheia Riding Center had on her daily life. So, I called her mother and asked a series of awkward and sensitive questions, and was floored by her incredible candor, honesty, and (no pun intended) grace.

The task of bringing to life the daily intricacies of this precious girl's existence was daunting. But, with the incredible honesty and guidance of her mother, we were able to do it.

But for me, the most surprising part, was the tsunami of tears. I literally read that script aloud (to myself) a solid 10 times before making it through without losing my ever-loving s#*t. At first, I was hysterical. After a period of time, I was simply emotional. Then, I was gratefully just teary. In fact, as I was getting the script approved, there was a series of awkward mid-script "disconnections" because I was about to break my most prevalent rule. I may have cried in a meeting. Or two.

But, we did it. Eventually, I got through it and the crew at Voortex Productions worked their magic and the result is something I am unbelievably proud of: "Her Name is Grace."

But for every iota of pride that I feel for this project, it is dwarfed by the pride I feel for the team at Alatheia Riding Center. They are truly changing lives in profound ways on a daily basis. I simply get to tell the story; an honor for which I will always be grateful.

And now, I am done crying.



Jennifer Korfiatis