That'll work!

I have a high-profile salon client in the Seattle area who needed new customers. Fast. She had experienced some staff turnover, and with it, the inevitable loss of some of her salon's clientele. Let me just say that her need for new business was high, and the pressure was on.

We brainstormed a creative, fun, and cost-effective campaign designed to drive new customers into her salon chairs- immediately. This campaign had several moving parts, and we both agreed to give it one month before we would re-evaluate.

Well, that month is up. And when I checked in to hear the final numbers, this is what she said:

"Everything we did was amazing! Very effective. I have never seen so many new clients in here! Great job. I would do the exact same thing again. I'm very happy with what we did. As always, thank you!"


And the final tally? 35 brand-spanking-new clients in one month. With minimal investment.

That'll work!


Jennifer Korfiatis