Allow Me To Introduce....

...The Amazing Taylor Greene! Taylor is the Louise from St. Louis to my Carrie Bradshaw, and so far things are going swimmingly.

Taylor was the top choice from over 30 candidates that applied for the shared Project Coordinator position with Voortex Productions. And frankly, I couldn't be more pleased with the selection. She's unbelievably sharp, understands, respects, and places clear boundaries, figures out those social dynamics that often hide just below the surface in about 1.5 seconds, AND (here is the best part) catches things that sneak by me. Things don't get by me unnoticed very often, but when they do, Taylor has a way of picking them up and drawing my attention to them. And for that, I am eternally grateful. I'm also finally sleeping at night, which was not in the job description, but I'll take it.

So, what does she do? Well, so far it's been all over the map, but if I had to categorize, she:

  • Conducts background and research for new and existing clients and their top competitors
  • Schedules and coordinates everything from golf tournaments to meetings with elected officials
  • Distributes marketing materials
  • Takes notes during meetings, which is outstanding because it allows me to fully focus on what I'm doing
  • Handles some client communication

I realize that this can be dry, so here's the interesting part:

  • She is from Chicago, but went to school in St. Petersburg, FL. Apparently her college was right on the beach and she still managed to graduate with a solid GPA
  • She enrolled as an AmeriCorps volunteer, which is what brought her to Leavenworth
  • She enjoys reading, playing board games, and leisure hikes
  • She fixed the Dropbox error that had been plaguing me for months in about 5 minutes.

If you see her out and about, take a moment to introduce yourself. I guarantee you'll be glad you did. Or, if you want to drop her a line, you can reach her at


Jennifer Korfiatis