The First To Go.

I love the start of a new year. It’s a clean slate and an opportunity to regroup. And business owners are often filled with enthusiasm, gusto, and goals. It is the time of year when my phone rings the loudest. The careful planning and analysis that came with the end of the previous year often usher in new directions, areas of focus, and goals for the coming year. And naturally, marketing is a big part of that effort.

But as the pages of the calendar fall away, sometimes the unexpected happens. The economy can shift, the well-planned strategy may not execute as anticipated, the budget may change. If this happens, naturally a business owner looks at their budget and when hard choices need to be made, one of the expenses that is easiest to cut is marketing. I get it.

But, I would argue that this is exactly the worst time to cut marketing. If customers don’t know about you, or aren’t thinking about you, they are less likely to use your business. It’s that simple.

So, as 2018 kicks off and your marketing strategy is firmly in place, commit to seeing it through. There is a natural rhythm to business that results in ups and downs. It’s one of the best- and worst- things about being an entrepreneur. While the ups are amazing and will have you on top of the world, the downs can be equally as low. Hold the line. Don’t cut your marketing. Putting your business’s megaphone down means your customers stop hearing all the wonderful reasons they should choose your business. And I’m willing to bet that just a few weeks into the new year, that is not part of your strategy.

Jennifer Korfiatis