The Biggest Catcher's Mitt I've Ever Seen.


Meet Sarah Fitzgerald. Sarah is someone I have known for quite some time- a bit personally, and a bit professionally. I have watched her from afar (not in a creepy way, but with inquisitive admiration) and always found her to be polite, respectful, capable and kind. She has always struck me as a person of integrity. Plus, she likes to swim. And I like that.

A few months ago I was on the hunt for a new Project Coordinator. My previous PC was moving on and I spent some time wondering what my next step might be. Should I fill the position? Should the position look different? How would I ever find someone that I trust to have my back? And then I thought of Sarah.

I knew that Sarah and her family had embarked on an epic adventure touring the country in an RV. I knew that while she had left her job in Wenatchee to do this, her husband was working remotely, and I knew that this long-distance situation seemed to be working for them. And so I asked if she might be interested. It turns out that she was.

And so we met and I knew instantly that she would be perfect. I liked her. I trusted her. And I knew that she was inherently capable and so she quickly became my right hand. And often my left hand. And sometimes my sanity.

I appreciate so much about her and she immediately became irreplaceable. But now when I think of Sarah, I envision her with a giant catcher’s mitt on her hand. Because the curve balls that I throw at her, sometimes daily and always fast, are caught. Every time.

I’m thrilled to add her to my team. Those that know me know that I was very purposeful in my quest to remain small and independent. And I have, but everyone needs a right hand and mine wears a catcher’s mitt.


Jennifer Korfiatis