And By "Stalking," I Meant "Researching."

Last night during practice the crew filmed interviews with each pair. These interviews will apparently be shown just before each couple takes the stage.

I would like to clear something up in advance.

In our interview, I 'may' have admitted to "stalking my partner on YouTube." While I was trying to determine exactly what a salsa dance is supposed to look like, I came across a series of YouTube videos from the Utah Ballroom Dance Company that demonstrated all of the dances, including the salsa.

In the salsa video, I found the male partner, obviously the pro, and could not believe his talent. He was moving his hips in ways that I hadn't really ever believed to be real until that moment. I wanted him to be my partner because I knew that if I could shimmy next to that level of talent and not screw it up, we'd be just fine. I crossed my fingers and waited to see who would arrive in Wenatchee to teach me the salsa.

And guess what? It was him! And it's been awesome.

So, yes, I guess I did stalk him, but not in a creepy way. More like a if-I'm-going-to-learn-the-salsa-I-want-him-to-be-the-guy-to-teach-me kind of way. So there. And I thank you for understanding.

Jennifer Korfiatis